Dream Agility Product Suite

Services For Agencies

A suite of products for agencies that let's you optimise clients sales from end to end, with the minimum amount of work, on both Shopping and Lead Gen.


The World's First Machine Learning on Demand Negative Search Tool, MLoD identifies any non converting words in your Google Ads account using all time data.

Lead Gen AI

Get complete visibility with our form fill and phone tracking solution for lead gen and offline sales. It allows you to specifically see what caused the phone to ring or form to fill out, revealing which ad influenced the sale.

Feed Optimiser

From feed generation through to importing, scheduling and optimising your raw feeds, it offers full feed integration and supports Google, Microsoft Ads, Facebook and Instagram.

Bidding Genius

The first Proprietary Machine Learning tool that recommends bidding changes across multiple Google Ads dimensions at the touch of a button.

Visual AI

Available On The Enterprise Plan Only.
Don't spend hours creating product information manually! Let our visual AI do it in a fraction of the time, more accurately, with greater consistency and at far less cost.

Always On

Interrogate all the fields in your google feed from titles, product IDs to custom labels and price. Make real time changes in merchant centre and add a second layer of optimisation at a product level

The key benefits of using our product suite

Low risk, high performance solution to account optimisation

A fraction of the cost of a team of people, more reliable at delivering sustained results than any other tech in the market today.

Manage more clients with less headcount

Let our machine learning do the heavy lifting so you're team can focus on the client facing work!

Make life harder for your clients competition

Several of our clients have become leaders in the sector and seen their competitors lose their footing. Music Magpie, who recently floated, are a good example.

Improve your client retention

Keep clients longer by improving sales and ROAS year on year with our proprietary machine learning.

Spend more time building relationships

Spend more time building relationships and less time managing accounts.

Spend less time managing accounts

Do it in a fraction of the time, more accurately, with greater consistency and spend the time gained on the strategy

Our tech delivers results year after year and gives you a big bang for your buck from the get go.

Our clients got an average 48% increase in sales, with a 42% increase in ROAS last year, the year before it was 38% increase in sales and 49% increase in ROAS. 


Increase in ROAS


Decrease in CPC


Increase in Sales


Increase in Clicks​

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What happens if my advertising spend fluctuates?

We understand there may be some fluctuation in spend and accounts from one month to the next but don’t worry because there is a 20% buffer built in to the plan limits. This buffer takes care of small fluctuations in spend. If you spend above this limit in the month we charge 0.15% of spend above your contracted limit.

Do Facebook and Instagram feeds count towards my account limits?

No provided there is a Google or Microsoft account also associated with the account on our platform.