Services For Agencies

We have two solutions for Agencies; MLoD and SaaS Shopping.

As a high performance agency you have the unenviable task of spending time..

By the time you’ve nailed your client facing work there’s very little time to do the heavy lifting.

Keep all your clients in one secure, easy access, dedicated subdomain and access either MLoD and/or SaaS Shopping in one place. Our machine learning reports deliver you new, more effective working practices with low risk, high performance strategies. Use the more aggressive reports when you’re in peak or you need to pull a rabbit out a hat. You’ll be able to rest easy at night knowing that your clients accounts are being “worked on” every day to get the best results possible, delivering better retention rates for your business.

There’s the added benefit that you’re clients competitors will find it extremely challenging to bid against you, as they can’t eliminate that waste from their accounts with other tools on the market. They’ll have to bid hard on everything including the stuff that has never converted and will never convert.

Several of our clients have seen their competitors lose their footing and become leaders in their Sector as a result of this approach. Music Magpie, who recently floated, as one of the more prominent examples.


Improve your client retention


Spend less time managing accounts


Spend more time building relationships


Make life harder for your clients competition


Manage more clients with less headcount


Low risk, high performance solution to account optimisation

Our tech delivers results year after year and gives you a big bang for your buck from the get go.

Our clients got an average 48% increase in sales, with a 42% increase in ROAS last year, the year before it was 38% increase in sales and 49% increase in ROAS. 


% Increase in sales


% Increase in ROAS


% Decrease in CPC


% Increase In Clicks


The World’s First Machine Learning on Demand Negative Search Tool, MLoD identifies any non converting words in your Google Ads account using all time data.

SAAS Shopping

A self service Machine Learning based Google Shopping & Search tool to; optimise feeds, make bidding recommendations and eliminate hidden waste, so you can scale your sales without scaling the costs


 (ROAS & Sales Booster)

MLoD is beautifully simple software that’s analysed hundreds of million dollars of spend, for customers all over the world, who want to streamline advertising spend to get the best conversion rates and ROAS. MLoD is a cloud based tool which integrates with your paid search accounts to identify words that have never converted and predicts what will never convert.

Improve your client retention

MLoD uses all time data, combined with recent data to eliminate poor performing words and predicts what won’t work in future. The result is instantly improved ROAS and conversions.

Fit's Perfectly Into Your Marketing Stack

it’s a clever addition to your existing marketing stack, doing the heavy lifting in a fraction of the time. MLoD's incredible performance makes everything else you do even more effective

Confidence Interval Levels

With 15 levels of confidence intervals, and reports at Ad group, Campaign and Product level, the tool can be as aggressive as you need it to be to safely improve performance.

Reverse MLoD

We even have reverse MLoD for peace of mind, to check back over the changes and see if anything has dropped back in, but unless you’re selling very high value items you’re unlikely to ever find anything that would meet target ROAS.

See how much AD spend you are currently wasting with our free, self service paid search audit!

(Takes around 2 minutes to complete!)

SAAS Shopping

SaaS Shopping makes Google Shopping easier and perform better for accounts with less than 3000 products and/or £$20k in spend. You can manage and optimise feeds for paid search i.e. Google, Bing, Facebook/Instagram , and use our specially designed reports to keep your Google account optimisation to a minimum by running just 4 reports a week.

Optimise your feeds

A smaller version of our award winning dynamic feed optimiser but still packs a punch. Complimented by the Always On which lets you interrogate your feed and adds a second layer of bespoke optimisations. Optimise your Google, Microsoft Ads and Facebook feeds.

Make bidding recommendations

Our bidding genius had machine learning years before Google introduced theirs. The 4 bespoke reports reduced the amount of time you need to spend in your Google account for better results. 


Eliminate hidden waste

There is a lite version of MLoD in one of the reports, so you know the worst performance in the account is continually being identified and dealt with to protect ROAS and conversions.

Get your freemium version today

Whether you have one anchor account you want to keep, or hundreds to manage, we have a solution that will work for you to keep Google under control and your clients happy.