Bury Council Recovery Expertise Fund

As COVID-19 continues to have a far-reaching effect on local Business, we have teamed up with Bury council to provide digital support to SME’s within the bury borough. In this ever changing climate many companies are shifting rapidly to online channels, we understand the importance that SME’s do the same to maximise your ability to recover and grow post Covid.

Our services are aimed to give you adaptability, flexibility, and a new understanding of customer values online, whilst minimising the input required from you. 

If you want to increase your business awareness, improve conversion rates or decrease customer acquisition costs – we can help!

What we offer:

For businesses who do not have an online presence:

Providing a virtually maintenance free, easy to self update, SEO'd presence on the web and social

For people with a presence but who lack digital skills and whose websites/social aren't performing as they would like:

We can undertake a general online health audit to identify blockers to online performance.

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