Case Studies

Audio Visual Retailer

An early adopter of our tech, since they started with us in 2017 they have enjoyed a 49% increase in ROAS and 308% increase in revenues, with sales and ROAS on an ever increasing upwards trajectory.

Financial Services

401% increase in revenue and 209% increase in conversion rate was achieved by this Financial Services client. They had previously been tracking form conversions but not customer sales values, using our Lead Gen AI service has transformed performance in record time in an increasing competitive market with sky high PPC rates.

Consumer Goods

We acquired this client due to the complex needs for optimising their product feed and the fact we were the only people who had a paid search first Feed Optimiser that was capable of doing it. The feed was so large and the structure of the campaigns so crowded that it wasn’t performing and was impossible to optimise.

Online Fashion Retailer

This fast fashion account was on Smart on Google Shopping with regular search accounts. The disruption to business continuity would be considerable to move it back onto a regular shopping campaign so the decision was taken to try and optimise the Smart campaign better.

Industrial Equipment Distributor

We can control not only the amount we can spend at a product level, but the location, device, hour, and day. Giving a 96% improvement in ROAS, 22% increase in revenue and a 37% decrease in cost from 2018 to 2020.

Online Garden Retailer

They were an early adopter of our tech and have been on the journey with us as we both expanded our businesses. They’ve grown their revenues by 1195% and ROAS by 282% since they started with Google Shopping and Search with us.