Accelerating High Volume Sales

As one of only 35 Google Shopping Partners worldwide, Dream Agility partner with some of the world’s leading retailers to drive performance and accelerate high volume sales. This gives a degree of visibility that enables retailers to reach in-market shoppers, drive traffic to products, and attribute resulting sales.

Retail has changed
Today’s tech-savvy consumers crave the thrill of a new purchase – and they want it right now, with a fast product selection and the right price being key criteria. Search Engines are pushing organic listings off the page in preference of paid search and protecting their own profits. They want highly relevant ads, so that users have an easy experience finding exactly the product they were looking for with minimal effort.
Irrelevant ads don’t generate clicks, and will either not be listed or have to pay a premium for the privilege. Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, etc are all fighting for the same customer pool and want to protect their market share by offering a great (relevant) user experience.

Our aim is to show which search terms/keywords lead to which products being clicked on, resulting in which product(s) that was ultimately bought. This gives a granularity and transparency of detail that makes decision making faster and more effective, with less data.

How our platform works
Our multi award-winning technology sits between a retailer’s website and the paid search provider (e.g. Google, /Facebook/Amazon/Bing/Ebay).

What we do:

Firstly, we take your inventory data and transform it using machine learning and AI  – no changes on your website are necessary.

We then build and maintain the complex structures required to be able to run granular campaigns for your optimal profitability.

Our patent pending software also uses it comprehensive processing power to offer the usual suits or reports, plus a number of machine learning reports unavailable elsewhere. It then incorporates the profit margin data (if available) to set the most accurate product level bids – giving you the best possible return.

Need more info on how we can generate an uplift on your profitability? Contact us.