Always On CMS

Make real time product optimisations to your inventory feed.

  • Real time product optimisations pushed straight to Merchant Centre, no need to change your feed or website. 
  • Search for individual products or groups of products, our Always On CMS is a search engine of your inventory feed. Seeing what you're advertising has never been easier. 
  • Search by Brand, Colour, Part Number, Title, Size, or even by negative search e.g. all the coats that aren't black, or all shoes that aren't size 7, etc. 
  • Split test products to see which titles and descriptions work best. 
  • SEO your best performing products to get even better returns.
  • Our second layer of optimisation to your feed after the Feed Optimiser.
  • All changes are permanent except price and quantity. if you can't push an updated base inventory feed but you've made a few price changes to the website, simply update them in the Always on
  • Exclude individual or groups of products 
  • Search for groups of products to get the product ID's to make Ad Groups. 

The Always On is your own CMS of your Inventory Feed. All feeds are optimisied at two level. Intially at a Feed level, Managed service feed optimisation have multiple optimisations applied on segmented feeds depending on the types of producst/brands. SaaS , self service feeds are optimised using our SaaS self service inventory feed mapper.  Always on is the secondary level of optimisation which can be accessed and used by the client for all the features above. The optimisations are; at an individual product level, permanent, and override the original mappings from the Inventory feed mappings. It's fast, easy to use and addictive!