Bidding Genius for Finance

Dream Agility's Bidding Genius for Finance is the first ERP system designed specifically for use with Google AdWords.

If you are frustrated by the costs of Google AdWords and are struggling to make the connection between archaic KPIs (ROI, bounce rates, conversion rates) which have no direct bearing on your profits and increasing bottom line, then this is the product for you. If you want to be able to influence profits from Google spend – typically in the region of 20-100% increase within weeks on accounts with more than 5000 products being advertised – Bidding Genius for Finance will give you the data and recommendations to help achieve this.

It takes data to a new level where you can make meaningful decisions by pulling in data from various sources: AdWords costs, individual SKU level product margins, product data, shipping costs and return rates into a single data source. For the first time ever, finance can now easily make informed comments on the performance of Google Advertising in your business and bring new metrics and KPIs to your in-house performance monitoring.

Profit maximisation cannot be worked out on a spreadsheet across thousands of individual products, with the many Google parameters that influence their performance. Our platform has been purpose-built with the ability to get actionable data on thousands of individual products at the touch of a button. Get complete visibility on the performance of your Google Text Ads and Shopping Ads and their performance at a product level by profitability, the true measure of success. Measure marketing’s performance against the possible outcomes by examining data across multiple dimensions such as:

How profitably are you selling your products in different locations in the UK and the rest of the world? We can measure down to post code level where the data is available.

Day of week
Find out when should you be advertising for the best returns during your different sales seasons.

Which products are ‘stars’ and ‘dogs’, the data that influences your future product buying and marketing decisions.

Search Terms
The antithesis of keywords when it comes to Google Shopping and where most people are n costs without even realising.

The old staple from Text Ads, but with more actionable data than has previously been available.

Make the most of your customer journey by knowing where to target them profitably at the most appropriate points in the buying cycle.

The algorithms we use on the platform also allow you to perform ‘what if’ analysis in forecasting. What if you moved to a different target profit margin? What if you started to offer free returns? What if you reduced your returns rate? Find out the impact on your business, based on your current data without actually taking the risk of trying it.

Whether you are using an agency or managing your Google advertising in-house, with zero integration required (we use your existing tracking and AdWords data) you can be comparing apples with apples and making suggestions to increase your profits in no time.