Bing Feed Integration

Thanks to Microsoft, Bing is on the rise. According to Comscore, in September 2016 the Bing Network motors more than one in five searches in the UK, outpacing Google’s core business for growth and surpassing 20% search engine market share.

Consequently, the potential reach and exposure that Bing Shopping Campaigns offer to UK online retailers is huge and will amplify the traffic already garnered from their Google Shopping Campaigns.

Bing Shopping Campaigns reflect the campaign structure for Google’s Product Listing Ads and may be built from scratch in Bing Ads or imported from AdWords.  Whilst plugins exist that help retailers get started, Dream Agility's bespoke Bing Shopping Campaigns feed solution makes redundant costly manual data entry as well as providing two-patent pending optimisation platforms to optimise visibility, relevance and, via a competitor pricing API module, product prices across multiple market places to emphasise competitiveness.

Whilst the data springs from a common source, the Dream Agility platform creates fresh feeds for every channel.

The team at Dream Agility are Bing Accredited Professionals.

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