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How to manage accounts with more than £1m Google Spend

Accounts with more than £1m a month require extra care. You'll be shocked how much money you're spending on Google which isn't converting and could be reallocated to massively grow your ROAS. Google and Bid Tech only identify search terms and keywords that are not converting - not all the data points that are non converting. We've looked at hundreds of accounts and each of them have between 10- 30% of spend on non converting data points. That's an enormous amount of spend! See how one client worth over £200 million with over 200 stores transformed their online sales with nearly 20% uplift over the christmas 2018 period, up 28.7% on the Black Friday period and bucked the trend as the worst Christmas for High Street Retailers since 2008, by growing 3.6% overall. 

Our intial approach is to remove the hidden waste. Then by restructuring the accounts we reveal another tranche of spend to cut  with the increased visibility provided by the granularity. In the meanwhile we continue to optimise your bids more agressively, making it harder and harder for your competitors to compete - as they're still paying for all those none converting data points and can't keep pace with your bidding! Ultimately we'll deliver a step change that will lead to business transformation. 


Sales growth isn't linear and infinite so once we've maximised those to your performance criteria,  we'll work with you to;

Ease competitors out of key brand/ product sales
Develop strategies that drive foot fall to stores at a product level,
Effectively build a P&L at a product level to help guide buyer intent and guide business purchasing decisions,
Win increased discounts/better payment terms from your suppliers,
Deliver better product launches
Have more profitable sales or market saturation dependant on strategy.

Speak directly to our CTO Glyn Powditch, who prior to starting Dream Agility has managed some of the largest Google Ads accounts in the world client side, delivering record breaking uplifts, working at Sky Bet, and TUI / He has since delivered record breaking uplifts across Gambling, Pharma, Engineering, Fashion, Beauty and Fragrance, Personal Finance, and Home-wear using our patent pending in-house technology and helped us become the fastest growing Google Premier Partner in the UK.