DA Features

Our fully managed service is comprehensive. However, we have elements of our cloud based software that you can use without a managed service. This includes: 
MLoD - Machine Learning on Demand - cut waste from your account to reduce your budget, or increase your sales. 
Visual AI - DAIV  - The first visual AI of its kind, audits your feed, corrects product categories, colours, titles and descriptions, identifies and fixes broken links and invalid images.
Feed CMS - Always On - The second level of feed optimisation total control of your inventory data at your finger tips - the world's most powerful search engine of your inventory feed. 
Intelligent Tracking Solution - Never lose sight of a sale again, manipulate your sales funnel and adjust your ads based on any Google Ads parameter once your ACTUAL sales/conversion values are captured offline. 
Free Audit Tool - Dont waste a penny/cent more than you have to. Let MLoD idenitfy your savings and audit your account maintenance.