Dream Agility co-founder joins Matt Thornton for Brazilian jiu-jitsu session in Manchester

Glyn Powditch, CTO, with Matt Thornton

Dream Agility co-founder and Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) black belt Glyn Powditch joined mixed martial arts pioneer Matt Thornton in coaching at a recent seminar session at SBG Manchester, the UK Headquarters of the world renown Straight Blast Gym. The event was organized by leading MMA coach Karl Tanswell, and included a roster of professional coaching by Matt Inman, UFC veteran Jason Tan, and BJJ champion Casey Jones. 

The session was a chance for Powditch to update his skills and reaffirm Dream Agility's ongoing commitment to provide BJJ classes to any employees who want them.

Powditch said: "We've offered free BJJ classes to all Dream Agility employees since the day we began.

"It's fantastic to now see the likes of Google and LinkedIn following in our footsteps, because it's a great way to build common bonds between colleagues.

"You get to spend time together over a shared interest, rather than just talking only about work, and that brings people together in a very different way. We regularly train together and this creates a far better team bonding experience than some cold wet away day nobody wants to be at."

Thornton, as the founder of Straight Blast Gym International has worked with a virtual who’s who of MMA; names such as Randy Couture, John Kavanagh (coach to Conor McGregor), and Rickson Gracie.

And Powditch, whose own BJJ involvement has lasted 15 years, believes the sport has a huge appeal for technology workers as he continues to stress its benefits in the Dream Agility offices.

Powditch said: "You're constantly problem solving, and I think that's why BJJ attracts a lot of tech workers - developers, academics, and such like. It's basically human chess. Just by positioning your body in a slightly different way on someone you can make yourself very heavy or very light, and you're constantly looking for ways to create pressure. 

Timing and speed can be important, but if you're making someone else carry your weight you've generally got more time to think and react. And the fact that they're having to think while carrying your weight means they're getting tired quicker. Even when you're underneath someone, you can still make them feel your weight and make them feel like they're in a horrible, horrible place."

North west-based tech entrepreneur Mark Brogan also attended the Manchester session, whilst another tech success John Charnock, has also trained BJJ at SBG Manchester. 


Dream Agility is an award winning, multi-million pound software company based in Ramsbottom, Greater Manchester.

It is backed by software tycoon Derek Lilley, whose previous ventures include restaurant chains Est Est Est, Restaurant Bar & Grill, and Piccolino, as well as SaaS platform Fourth Hospitality.