Dream Agility mentioned on Amaze Blog

Dream Agility mentioned on Amaze.com blog

Dream Agility, the UK's leading platform for Google Shopping management, was recently featured on the blog of Amaze, one of the most innovative and well respected digital agencies in the UK, with Offices in Liverpool, Manchester, London, and Chicago.  Writing on the Amaze Blog, Paul O'Connor, a Google Shopping expert and Amaze's Digital Strategist states:
"Dream Agility is the first case I’ve seen in the UK that takes a Google first approach. When deployed, the platform allows advertisers who do not have technical development knowledge to make ongoing changes to a feed including but not limited to:

  • Hard-edits such as a change in URL, price etc
  • SKU iterations to target a larger expanse of search queries
  • Mobile-specific feed deployment
  • Geographically segmented feed deployment
  • Bringing feeds in line with gold-standard implementation  – issues such as using complex colours is commonplace. Colours must be written in simple terms i.e. “Orange” instead of “sunburst”. Again, the technology can do all this & more at scale
  • More recently, bidding functionality has been rolled in to the platform, too."