eBay Feed Integration

If you are managing a high-volume website, the prospect of uploading hundreds and thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of products with relevant associated information required to create product listings on eBay can be especially daunting.

Whilst plugins exist that help retailers get started on eBay, Dream Agility's bespoke eBay feed solution makes redundant costly manual data entry as well as providing two-patent pending optimisation platforms to maximise visibility and relevance.

Dream Agility's eBay feed cleanses the data that is deployed to create listings, allowing merchants the opportunity to enhance presentation value, listing visibility and, via a competitor pricing API module, product prices across multiple market places to highlight competitiveness.

Whilst the data springs from a common source, the Dream Agility platform creates fresh feeds for every channel.

In 2016, the Dream Agility platform passed the eBay Developer Program’s assessments and is now an eBay Compatible Application.

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