Facebook and Google Local Inventory Ads

Facebook Dynamic Ads

Dream Agility offers full feed integration with both Google Local Inventory Ads and Facebook Dynamic Ads.

Google’s offering is a formidable tool for promoting a retailer’s merchandise and store information to nearby users. By way of a local storefront, a potential customer is able to view in-store inventory, get opening times and find directions. As a retailer, appealing to consumers demonstrating purchasing intent with hyper-relevant product and store information, you can boost conversion significantly.

Google Local Inventory requires the setting up of four distinct feeds:

Google Shopping feed
The standard product listing ads feed.

Business information feed
Contains intelligence about your stores and is submitted to Google My Business.

Local products feed
Holds a list of the products available at each location.

Local product inventory feed
Provides price, availability, price and location-specific product information.

The continued scrutiny of these feeds so that inventory levels and product information is up-to-date and accurate is absolutely crucial.

Facebook is reported to be beta-testing its own version of Local Inventory Ads, building upon its retargeting initiative Facebook Dynamic Ads that also utilises an inventory feed.

Facebook Dynamic Ads resemble Google's Remarketing Display Ads, granularly targeting and retargeting users based upon past actions, or inactions, on the advertiser’s website or app with a supremely-timed ad.

To use Facebook Dynamic Ads, retailers need to connect their Facebook compliant product feed to their Facebook Ad Accounts. Product IDs, names, descriptions, landing page and image info is dynamically pulled from the feed to build ads for individual products and display them to the appropriate audience. A Conversion Tracking pixel is also required to be installed on the retailer’s website. Like Google Local Inventory Ads, Dream Agility provides Facebook Dynamic Ads via its platform.

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