Feed Mapper

As an agency or a retailer there is nothing more frustrating than your adverts not appearing or appearing for irrelevant search terms due to a badly optimised feed. Our solution was developed for paid search and is richly Search Engine Optimised. It is not simply adapted from an existing marketplace feed. A marketplace feed just cannot compete with the results from Dream Agility's platform. No spreadsheets to manipulate, no concealed surcharging by the feed company. Merely a cost-effective solution with simple, elegant rules that run automatically as new merchandise is added to your feed.


Point and click mapping

No developer is required to use our mapper. Simply click on the field name and map it to the relevant Google Shopping field. 


Google rules automatically applied

All the Google statutory rules are automatically applied. Capitalisation is removed, fields are adjusted to the correct length and mandatory fields can have default settings if they are absent from the raw feed.


Build complex rules for beautifully optimised feeds

If you have a diverse feed, you can break it into mini-feeds and apply the perfect rule combination for each section. Add filters to remove, brands, products above or below a certain price, product groups, or what ever else you wish to exclude. Use the rule builder to add colour, gender, size and brand to your titles and descriptions...or anywhere else you fancy. In fact, you can manipulate any of the fields any way you like to make sure there's not word duplication in your fields. If you find there is something that the rule builder cannot do, we will happily try to find a way round it for you or build you a new rule.