Fix Google Policy Violations

How to Solve Google Policy Violations Quickly

Google policy violations cost time and sales, making them something every retailer should be in control of.  Google will help you solve, one or two, maybe a few - but if you're a pharma, tool or nutrition retailer, you'll find the number of blocked ads due to violations quickly stacks up and can be a full time job to stay on top of. Ultimately, if you break Google’s Policy rules, your ads won’t serve – it’s really that simple! Who can afford not to have 10% of your products/Ads  serving - what if they're best sellers?! If more than 10% of your inventory is blocked you're heading rapidly towards getting your whole feed blocked, which will lead to a manual review. There is no time limit for the amount of time your ads can be blocked for. Unfortunately for anyone in the nutrition, manual or heavy duty trade, weapons, gambling or tool industries, policy violations are almost unavoidable. If you've not had a manual review before you can find that misdemeanours you were getting away with are suddenly picked up and your Ads wont be approved until ALL of them are fixed. 

We offer our Managed Service clients a Policy Violation Service. We'll not only find out what the violation is but where it is in the add - and fix it! If the violation is on the page, we'll give you best practise guidance in how to correct it. Sometimes the Google Bots get it wrong and you can get slapped with Violations when there are none. Thanks to our high level Google Support we're able to get these overturned for you quickly, so more of your ads are showing for more of the time, maximising your sales. 

Dream Agility The Violator Tool - Google Policy Violation Tool

Google’s “Bad Ad Report” showed that in 2017 they took down more than 3.2 billion ads, almost double the 1.7 billion in 2016.

The existing process with Google to address and resolve violations is very time consuming and usually results in ambiguous answers that require a lot of trial and error until the actual keyword/issue is found. Most of the time you, as the retailer, are left knowing there is an issue - but not what or where it is!
Dream Agility have developed functionality to resolve this issue and take the pain out of policy violations! The “Violator” pulls data at scale and takes ALL the guesswork out of policy violations in Ads. The tool tells you EXACTLY where the violation appears (i.e. which URL & where it appears in the Ad copy), what violation category it falls into and the specific offending word.

The Violator not only makes it quicker and easier to spot and deal with Google Policy violations, it also helps speed up the process to rectify them. It equips you with information to either appeal it or edit it, saving you time and keeping those Ads serving to maximise your sales.