Fix/ optimise your feed

A quality feed is the foundation of e-commerce, but it isn't easy to get right.

Whether you're an agency or a retailer, Dream Agility has it covered with a host of purpose built tools. Get in touch today and let our experts get your inventory feed in tip top shape.

Visual AI: Dream Agility Intelligent Vision (DAIV) audits your feed against your images, identifies and corrects missing images from feeds, identifies erroring pages and corrects Product categories. DAIV can build inventory feeds from images in multiple languages. 

The Violator: The Google policy violation tool takes all the guesswork  and wasted time out of ad violations,  keeping more of your ads serving more of the time. The violator also identifies violations in Search Ads. Perfect for Pharama and Engineering related ads. 

Always On - your feed CMS: Search through you products by any attribute to make optimisations at a product level. Always On;  split test products, create ad groups from product ID's and make instant updates to Merchant Center. - without having to make any changes to your original inventory feed or  website.