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Wasted Google Ad Spend – find out what it's costing you?

Get 10-30% of Google ad spend back under your control.

Our research shows that between 10% and 30% of spend on Google Ads has never converted, and probability-wise, will almost never convert. Even Google’s premium products, like DoubleClick, aren’t identifying these savings. It takes a powerful piece of machine learning to look at ALL the data conversion points in a Google Ads account, to spot the ones that don't work. This is the safest optimisation you can make!

In the graph below, we've tracked around £4k per month (over 6 months £24,000) had been wasted on ads generating £0, no revenue, in conversions. If the bad data points aren't removed, Google can't identify them and they'll keep racking up spend...month in...month out, never generating even 1 sale.  The reason why is; we've identified there has been zero conversions, and we've predicted that where this spend happens it won't convert,  and this graph illustrates that very simply over 6 months, over time (on the same spend) the figure will gradually increase and more of your budget will go on zero conversions. We've developed a tool that can help you identify the waste, you can get your free audit here with our Machine Learning on Demand tool (MLoD), or read more about it below. 


Machine Learning on Demand (MLoD) 

Dream Agility is bringing cutting-edge technology to the masses with the most advanced audit tool on the market, Machine Learning on Demand (MLoD). MLoD identifies the waste in a Google Ads account and generates a tailored savings report. It looks at all the Google spend in the account, including Google Shopping and Search and, depending on whether you're an ecommerce website or a lead generation service, the results are tailored to the metrics in your account against your sector. 

Get your free MLoD report in minutes, no credit card required, completely safe, secure and GDPR friendly. We won't make any changes to your account, with a one-time only access to gather the data for the report. Just follow the three easy steps with our secure sign in as designed by Google.

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Can’t my existing agency/technology identify Google Ads spend with no conversions?

In a word, no! Existing tech might be able to identify negative keywords, but not all the datapoints that resulted in zero conversions. It’s easy to win if you’re bidding on the right things, and even easier to lose if bidding on the wrong things, regardless of how good your bidding strategy is. We identify and remove, what not to bid on, so you can spend your money wisely and maximise sales.

Bid tech is like Bookmakers, they tell you the betting odds across everything, even though only there can be one winner and a second and third place. Our tech identifies what not to bid on, so you can bid more aggressively on the words/products/search terms that really maximise your sales/ROAS in the shortest possible time. You can still use your existing bid tech/agency, the results will be even better with the waste removed. MLoD is the Salt to the bid tech Pepper. Use both of them to achieve the optimum account performance. No contract required (unless you want one), use it once and depending on the report, you'll be able to see when you might need to use it next. Different accounts take different lengths of time for the zero conversions to build back up in the account. Get your report here.

Will  you make any changes to my account when you do the audit?

No changes will be made to your account.  Dream Agility uses Google's secure authentication to create your report. Google engineers helped build the interface your account is logged into so you can be assured it's safe. Your Google Ads data will not be shared for any reason. If you are running a report on behalf of a third party, they will not be contacted with the results. The analysis uses a one-off connection through Google; you are in control of the access at all times.

How long will the report take to generate?

It takes just a few minutes to get your MLoD report, all within your browser. Unlike some free reports we include all time data, so if you have a mature or large account this may take longer to generate. In which case leave the page open in the browser, continue on with what you were doing, and refresh it on your return. 


How much does the report cost?

It's free! No credit card is required to access your report. Simply login via Google's secure authentication and you’ll be guided through the two-step connection process.


My report has identified some impressing savings, now what?

Pay and go! No need to speak to anyone if you don’t want to, you can pay with a card and get your zero conversions eliminated immediately. 

Alternatively if you want to get in touch about your report, or any of our other services, you can contact us here.


When can I expect to see the results of the changes you've actioned 

You'll see the results immediately, if you want to check you can see the changes will be in your change control history. How this impacts your account will vary depending on a number of factors, some people will see it as a dip in Ad spend, others with more volatile accounts may see the savings being redistributed against new search terms and keywords that the account can serve against, others will see the recommendations for the bid prices increase. 

Who can use MLoD?

Anyone with access to a Google Ads account.

Retailers: MLoD is particularly effective for Shopping Campaigns as there are so many more data points to manage than on search alone, so the results can be even more impressive. But don't forget it pulls back Search and Shopping results. 

Lead Generation: Getting quality leads is a lot easier when none of your spend is going to waste, but can be made even better when used in conjunction with our Intelligent Tracking Solution (ITS). ITS creates actual conversion values for each customer, instead of arbitrary conversion figures.

Digital Agencies: MLoD reports are perfect for agencies prospecting for work and ‘MLoD for Agencies’ gives you an actionable tool that will deliver great results for your clients with the minimum amount of work – keeping your head count costs low and your client accounts in tip top condition.

I use My Client Center (MCC) to manage multiple accounts

The report is only available to run on one account under an MCC at once, therefore other accounts within the same MMC not be accessed.

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Will MLoD replace my existing agency/technology?

No, not unless you want us to! Our Machine Learning on Demand (MLoD) can be used as a one off, or more regularly if you wish, alongside your existing bidding strategy. 

We do offer bidding tech as part of our Enterprise or SaaS services but there is no obligation to use ours.


How often should I use MLoD?

Every account is different, and this means MLoD will produce different results depending on many factors.

If the account is well established with a steady product/service offering and the impression share is high, you may only need to use MLoD once, you’ll see ROAS improve almost immediately and then you’ll have to wait for some time for the zero conversions to build back up in the account.

If the account has been starved of budget which has prevented the full gamut of search terms serving on it, you’ll see more new search terms serving against it once the spend has been relieved from the zero conversions. A new batch of zero conversions will start serving, you should check the Audit Tool then use MLoD until the waste is eliminated and the account performance has improved.

In accounts with a high turnover of new products MLoD will need to be used more regularly to keep as much of the spend converting as possible as new zero conversion touch points will build up with each new product added. You can determine the frequency by using our audit tool regularly. For these types of accounts, it may be better to have a regular service.

You can audit yours, or your client accounts, here safely and securely in just a couple of clicks - no credit card required.

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