Google Shopping Agency use our pioneering Machine Learning technology

Dream Agility is bringing cutting-edge technology to agencies with the most advanced modular set of tools on the market. This has caught the attention of The Drum, winning us a Best Paid Search Campaign award in 2018 ahead of the biggest digital agencies in the country but also a mention in their online publication as one of the 5 campaigns you should revisit in 2019.

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Agencies have a big challenge on their hands

While more and more people turns to paid advertising and agencies to manage it, the sector is becoming more challenging by the minute. Agencies need to ensure they stay ahead of industry changes and adapt to a rapidly changing environment to attract and retain those clients.

Dream Agility can give your agency a competitive edge that will deliver added value to your customers thus retain them for longer.

What we can do for you:

Google Shopping Self Service Tool: SaaS

This is a self service Machine Learning based Google Shopping tool to optimisew your clients' feeds, making bidding recommendations & eliminate hidden waste so you can scale your clients' sales without going over their budgets.

Google Shopping is notoriously difficult to manage and as an agency you don't want to commit half of your workforce to do so. This is why, at the behest of Google, Dream Agility has now created an easy to use, SaaS (Software as a Service) version of their multi-award-winning enterprise solution. The SaaS platform is the most advanced Google Shopping product on the market. With our easy sign up process you'll have your clients up and running in no time.

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MLoD Negative Search Tool

Our research shows that almost every Google Ads account in the land has a portion of avoidable cost that goes undetected. Those costs have never ever brought a conversion and probabiliyty wise will never do so. Even Google’s premium products, like DoubleClick, aren’t identifying these savings. It takes a powerful piece of machine learning to look at ALL the data conversion points in a Google Ads account, to spot the ones that don't work. This is the safest optimisation you can make!

Dream Agility is bringing cutting-edge technology to the agencies with the most advanced audit tool on the market, Machine Learning on Demand (MLoD). MLoD identifies avoidable costs in a Google Ads account and generates a tailored savings report. It looks at all the Google spend in the account, including Google Shopping and Search and, depending on whether your clients have an ecommerce website or a lead generation service, the results are tailored to the metrics in their account against their sector.

It basically let you sleep at night making sure the spend doesn't go overboard meaning no awkward conversations with your clients in the morning! It simply removed the non converting stuff without impacting the sales!

* For up to 15 accounts and £500,00 monthly spend

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