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Machine Learning E-Commerce and Lead Gen Solutions for Paid Search

Dream Agility has developed a range of solutions included in our Enterprise and SaaS products, built to perform across a wide variety of sectors. From Google to Facebook to Naver, our proprietary software and algorithms deliver outstanding results, using the very latest in machine learning and Visual AI. 

We have a range of different solutions determined by spend levels:

Ad spend between £3k - £30K per month? Our SaaS Self Service tool is perfect.

Dream Agility clients have experienced amazing results with our Enterprise service. At Googles behest we've now created an easy to use SaaS self service version of our multi award winning solution. Our SaaS platform is the most advanced Google Shopping solution we've seen in the market today. Automating all the hard, time consuming stuff, leaving you more time to work on account strategy and optimising those sales even further. All Google Partners get the same product/ service from Google. If you want a true competitive advantage you need the extra machine learning recommendations that our platform delivers that you can't get anywhere else. You manage the tech and are in complete control all the time. Find more details of our SaaS service here


Ad spend between £30k - £1m per month? Our Enterprise managed solution is for you. 

The jargon free version of what we do is "the most advanced end to end Managed Google Shopping and Search Service on the Market".  We offer cloud based software that sits between your website and Google/Facebook/Bing etc, covering; feed optimisation, bidding and negative strategy.  We manage the entire process and take your inventory feed and optimise it for maximum effect before it hits Google. Your sales will be better as it's  far more effective to optimise bids that's come from good quality relevant feed data, and served in the perfect structures for your products, giving a level of granularity that structures managed by humans can't provide. All the inventory feed optimisations and bidding decisions are made on our platform before being pushed to Google, etc. We only share with them the data they need so any confidentail information, like cost of goods,  is kept safely on our platform. Our Bidding tech is complemented by MLoD, so you not only get the most accurate bids possible from our Bidding Genius, we can  bid more agressively as MLoD safely and efficiently removes all the zero converting data in the account. We believe that bidding tech is only half the solution to solving bid optimisation.  MLoD is the other side to the coin.   It's the competitive edge no one else has, even on Double Click.  If you have physical stores and you meet the criteria for Local Inventory Ads and Store Visits, we can manage these for you too to get maximum impact on your foot fall. We can run a managed service  on Shopping only or Shopping and Search depending on your requirements. 

Ad Spend more than £1m per month? Boutique Enterprise solution is for you. 

Accounts with more than £1m a month require extra care. You'll be shocked how much money you're spending on Google which isn't converting. Google and Bid Tech only identify search terms and keywords that are not converting - not all the data points that are non converting. We've looked at hundreds of accounts and each of them have between 10- 30% of spend on non converting data points. That's an enormous amount of spend. Our intial approach is to remove this waste. Then by restructuring the accounts we reveal another tranche of spend to cut  with the increased visibility provided by the granularity. In the meanwhile we continue to optimise your bids more agressively, making it harder and harder for your competitors to compete - as they're still paying for all those none converting data points and can't keep pace with your bidding. Ultimately we'll deliver change that will lead to business transformation.

Sales growth isn't linear and infinite so once we've maximised those to your performance criteria, we'll work with you to;

  • ease competitors out of key brand/ product sales 
  • develop strategies that drive foot fall to stores at a product level,
  • effectively build a P&L at a product level to help guide buyer intent and guide business purchasing decisions, 
  • win increased discounts/better payment terms from your suppliers, 
  • deliver better product launches
  • have more profitable sales or market saturation dependant on strategy.