I'm an Agency / Freelancer

Dream Agility Partnership Program 
We're always keen to work with Agencies. We can scale technology, but it's harder to scale relationships and people - Hence Agency Partnerships are a great way for us to grow. 
There are three ways in which we can work with you - 

  1. Dream Agility Referral Program 
  2. Preferred Dream Agility Supplier 
  3. Tech only Agency Service.

Dream Agility Referral Program 
If you have a contact that you can't, or don't want to service, refer them onto us and you can earn upto 20% of the revenues (ex VAT), for 12 months. 

  • email us to ask for details of the referral program 
  • sign the agreement and send it back
  • Let us know before you introduce someone to make sure they fit our criteria and they don't already belong to another introducer. 

Preferred Dream Agility Supplier 
You can have access to parts of our platform to offer services to your client as a preferred supplier. You own the relationship and run the tech. You'll pay a monthly fee dependant on the services you require. We offer MLoD, SaaS Feed Management, Always On CMS and  SaaS Bid Management  to Agencies. You'll have your own subdomain with all your clients in there, we can set up limited access to your clients for their own feeds Always On. All clients are held separately and there is no chance of data contamination. All our servers are EU compliant, which have some of the most stringent requirements in the world.  Let us know what services you require and we will give you a quote for the services. Obviously a client with 1million products is more expensive and complex to service than one with a couple of thousand products so prices are on application, unless they fit within the parameters of our SaaS pricing. 

Tech only Agency Service 
You manage the relationship and we run the tech. We have a number of Agency Clients with high value clients who are struggling to hit the targets due to time constraints and need a Machine Learning solution to cope with bidding,  or they have complex feed requirements which require a sophisticated solution.  We're happy to take a look to see if we can add value and then provide the service in the background while you manage the account strategy and reporting to the client. Prices vary dependant on the size and complexity of the client but we'd be happy to give you a quote.