Intelligent Tracking Solution

Form Fill and Phone Tracking Solution for Lead Gen and Offline Sales. 


With maximum data accuracy, our Intelligent Tracking Solution  (ITS)  allows you to specifically see what caused the phone to ring or form to fill out, revealing which Ad influenced the sale. It then allocates the actual sales/conversion value for your Google ad. This then shows you where you should be putting more of your budget in future for increased sales and to keep budgets under control. More importantly it gives visibility to the Ads that are driving sales so they're not inadvertently switched off/ bid down, due to the Google data saying that either they've not converted, or they've had arbitrary amounts allocated as conversion values - which masks the true worth of the  sales/conversion value and results in the wrong bid values being set. We developed this product as there wasn't a service on the market that could give us the data we wanted to be able to optimise Ads to their best effect. 

Ideal for lead generation - get it for FREE.

Control every aspect of your sales funnel, find out which ads can push sales,  which close faster, and which influence higher value conversions. Which gender, ages and locations, devices, times of day, etc  work harder for your budget. If there's a dimension we can influence in Google to control your ads, we can use it.  You're not restricted by Googles limited 90 day look back window with our tech, we store the data until the sale closes even if that's after 90 days. We find that long cycles are often associated with high value sales transactions  and we want to be able to attribute every penny of spend to give you the best advice for bidding. ITS is available FREE (subject to a set up fee) on form fills and phone tracking when you're on a managed service for Paid Search with us. For pricing for ITS on an unmanaged service please contact us. 


Perfect for offline sales in e-commerce - get it for FREE

We're often told by prospective customers that they have very few offline sales and the vast majority of sales happen directly through the website.  When we look closer into the value of offline:online sales, as opposed to the number or offline:online sales, it paints a very different picture. iIt's typically high value items that convert offline, so there are less of them, but the value is much higher than the normal basket value. Not capturing the actual sales values will result in ads being turned off or bid down. Removing or limiting your future sales on high value items. Long sales cycles aren't a problem, we can store the data longer than Googles 90 day look back window, letting us attribute the true value of every sale and really supercharging your e-commerce website sales to it's full potential. ITS is available for FREE (subject to a set up fee) on form fills and phone tracking when you're on a managed service for Paid Search with us. For pricing on ITS on an unmanaged service please contact us.