When it comes to lead generation, where is your Ad spend going?

Measuring the effectiveness of an advertising campaign – which started online and then moved offline, via a form completion or a phone call - is often fraught with inaccuracy. Our research has shown that up to 40%  of your spend could be completely wasted.

Wouldn’t it be good to know which 40%?

With our multi award-winning technology, we have the ability to turn lead generation sites into ecommerce sites, by joining the dots and tracking through to the CRM system.

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Using ITS to your advantage

Dream Agility’s elegant, user-friendly, ITS (Intelligent Tracking Solution) interface works both with phone calls and form fills to track the monetary value  attributable to a successful lead. 

This value is combined with business data held within Dream Agility’s platform. Tying everything together,  the platform provides precision intelligence which results in commercial decisions based upon actual revenues and margins rather than lead numbers or arbitrary CPA figures.

Not only does the ITS suit lead generators who start online and whose sales conversions are executed offline, it can also be combined with our other  ecommerce solutions for businesses with high value offline conversions.

If you’re a marketer, whose idea of Nirvana would be to know:

  • The search term/keywords entered
  • Ads clicked on
  • Actual value of the final transaction
  • Bid price for the ads adjusted for maximum profitability

...then the Intelligent Tracking Solution is the ideal platform for you.

Case Study - to see a full example of the platform working for a client click here.

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