Meet Wayne Scott, the latest addition to our team

Wayne Scott

Ever taken a first job, only for the company to go bankrupt four days later? Meet client services manager Wayne Scott, Dream Agility’s newest team member – and let him tell you all about it.

Welcome to Dream Agility, Wayne. What’s been your path here?

I’m from St Helens originally and went to university in Derby. When I started my career it was a choice between Manchester and Liverpool, and Manchester seemed to have more opportunities.

Before joining Dream Agility I was at a data company for three years or so, and before that I was in desktop security and business continuity.

I wanted something to excite me and this was the perfect opportunity. The people here are fantastic and the product – the Dream Agility platform – is beyond belief.

What attracted you to Dream Agility?

That product is absolutely brilliant – if you’ve seen it, you can’t deny that. I go home and talk about it to my friends, and it’s just next-level stuff.

At some point it will absolutely blow up, and I’m really looking forward to being here when that happens. I can see a massive opportunity here.

Is the tech world new to you?

I’ve worked in and around software for about 15 or 16 years now, and I was in the telecommunications game when I came out of university.

I studied film at university in Derby and my first job was working as a film reviewer for a magazine – but four days after I started there, the magazine went bankrupt. I never even got anything printed!

From there I got into sales, realized I was good and the rest is history.

What do you outside of work?

I’m a Liverpool supporter but I’m married and I’ve got a young daughter, Lily, who’s seven years old – so I don’t get to Anfield as often as I used to.
I’m also a little obsessed with trainers and own many pairs, although I’m not willing to confirm the exact number in print should my wife read this. Let’s just say if she were ever to go into the loft I could be in a bit of trouble.

We used to live by the Hacienda in the centre of Manchester, but we’ve lived in Altrincham for eight years now. Lily’s an absolutely brilliant kid – she’s just so funny and quick – and my wife works just around the corner from where we live as a PA to the CEO of a property company.

And finally, what are you looking forward to most about working at Dream Agility?

The opportunity to be involved with something from the very start. It’s not often you get the chance to tell a customer you can save them money and increase revenue… and it actually be the truth!