Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday Jewellers Ark

Happy 1st Birthday to our JV Partner Jewellers Ark

It’s not only the Wise Men that followed the stars at Christmas. Jewellers and customers alike have been attracted by the 5 star reviews mechanism and many other features that Dream Agility have  implemented on the Jewellers Ark website

18 months ago the small group of traditional independent Jewellers that formed Jewellers Ark, wouldn’t have believed that they were going to be topping the Hitwise charts (Hitwise is the UK’s top of the pops for websites), let alone be championing cutting edge technology to beat Googles latest advertising channel – The PLA’s (product listing ads- they’re the photo ads that show along the top of the page when you search in Google – the first time we turned them on you may as well have set fire to your money they were so expensive!

The shareholders range in age from 30’s to 60’s,  at a recent group photo it was commented that the ‘before they were famous’ shot looked a lot more like the ‘ 20 years on shot’, from the proliferation of grey hair and wrinkles.  But credit to them, they’ve  smashed their comfort zones and moved to a whole new way of working. Including weekly online webinar meetings, instead of 6 weekly face to face meetings.

This week sees the first birthday of the Ark trading online. Sales have grown exponentially from this time last year. In  Dec 2012 ‘the Ark’ was ranking in 4th position on Hitwise in the UK for some of their key brand terms, behind the likes of; Amazon, John Lewis and the Brands themselves, knocking the multiples and other independents off the top slots.  If the sales are anything to go by they expect to have maintained or in some cases, bettered last years positions.

Google’s PLA’s (product listing ads) have changed the face of advertising this Christmas across all of retail. Our CTO, Glyn Powditch,  says “ Customers have never had so much information on the first page of Google, a single click away from their purchase, it’s making retailing a blood bath.” However using skills and strategies applied from other fast growing sectors, like gambling, was able to turn this to Jewellers Ark advantage. Using the tool they built especially to control the  bidding on PLA’s, Jewellers Ark are now getting over 50% of paid advertising sales from PLA’s, at less than a third of the cost of PPC (pay per click – the written ads which go round the top and sides of the page on Google when you search). 

The Dream Agility/ Jewellers Ark joint venture is the first of it’s kind set up under SEIS, which allows the investors in the project to reclaim 78% tax relief on their investment.  “Since our IJL presentation at the European Exhibition, to a standing room only event, we’ve been inundated with requests from Jewellers and Manufacturers wanting to join the Ark”, says CEO Elizabeth Clark.  Clark anticipates that the lure of best practice gathered from delivering multi-million pound uplifts to other industries and safety in numbers will prove a potent combination in 2014 for the Independent Jewellery sector.