Out Performing the Aggregators

Dream Agility’s multi award-winning platform is able to provide a solution that enables hotel groups to maintain and grow market share. Utilising our market leading technology, we can automatically build out the ads for hotel groups at a huge scale.

Defy the Travel Aggregators
The leading hotel groups who once dominated the industry are losing out to aggregators such as Booking.com and Expedia, who have taken a huge chunk of the market and the hoteliers margin.

They are known for charging booking fees of up to 25% and then enforcing stringent cancellation requirements. But to be able to advertise directly and cost effectively to customers poses a number of challenges.
Beating the aggregators at their own game requires an enhancement of the hotel stock inventory. Going beyond location ads, they need to have ‘price’, ‘proximity to landmarks and events’, ‘accurate travelling times’ from the hotel - not as the crow flies - and availability to reduce clicks on ads for rooms which are ‘no longer available’.

This sounds great in principle but would require an army of people to build it, never mind maintain the campaign structures to support these ads. With our Tech, it’s a different prospect. We resolve this problem with software that automates the task, eliminating the need for huge manual input.

Look beyond the margin of hotel rooms
Hoteliers still have a huge advantage over aggregators due to the in-hotel transactions (e.g. bar drinks, taxi bookings and dry cleaning etc). All provide extra income which is not taken into consideration when setting the bid prices for ads.  Using our ITS we can capture this information and include the extra business intelligence whilst setting the bid prices, based on not only the room margin but the clients who spend the most money in the hotels.

Dream agility offers the travel sector an enhanced and comprehensive hotel stock inventory that has unparalleled levels of sophistication; enabling a greater quantity of more relevant ads and a higher level of informed data, leading to greater returns.

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