Rankings for PLAs

Rankings on PLAs Mobile

UK-based online retailers could be facing the possible introduction of review-based rankings on Google Shopping ads following a recent trial.
Reports suggest that users of www.google.com (as opposed to www.google.co.uk) saw Product Listing Ads (PLAs) numerically ranked from 1 to 5 over recent weeks.
User reviews are believed to power the rankings, unless two products have the same ranking - in which case it appears the product with the highest PLA bid is listed first.
Other subtle changes have also been introduced.
On mobile, arrows to the left and right of PLAs mean users can now scroll sideways through the shopping results - meaning paid and organic search results are not pushed even further down the screen.
Sideways scrolling also means that more PLAs can be listed than ever before, allowing increasing numbers of retailers to compete over commercial search enquiries.
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