Machine Learning E-Commerce and Lead Gen Solutions for Paid Search

Whether you’re a retailer, an agency, or even in the lead gen sector, click here for Lead Generation, we have a solution to suit your needs. From Google to Facebook to Naver, our proprietary software and algorithms deliver outstanding results, using the very latest in machine learning and Visual AI.

Is your feed structure causing you headaches and are in need of someone to manage it? Or are you looking to grow your ROAS while managing your spend effectively?

Problems with your feed and its structure

A quality feed lays the foundation of your ecommerce success so fear not we have a solution to your problem! Our enterprise service comes with the comprehensive AI tool for all feed related options.

From feed generation through to importing, scheduling and optimising your existing feeds, it offers full feed integration and supports all major online marketplaces and Google territories.

Our enterprise solution is a fully managed service and on top of transforming your feed into The Rolls Royce of feeds, it also includes creating the best structure possible for your campaigns while always getting rid of the hidden avoidable costs in the account. Our Machine Learning and AI powered platform will give you the impression that you have an army of people working for you. It requires no integration, so you won't experience any loss of service.

Our enterprise service costs £3,000 per month or 10% of spend whatever is the highest and it is aimed at people spending above £20k in advertising costs.

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Need a small helping hand with Google Shopping?

If you're spending up to 20k per month and you want the equivalent of a team of people working on your account, but without the cost - then SaaS Shopping is the answer.

A self-service Machine Learning based Google Shopping tool to; optimise feeds, make bidding recommendations and eliminate hidden waste, so you can scale your sales without scaling the costs

For Agencies and Retailers alike, let the most advanced Machine Learning in the sector work on optimising your bids and your hidden waste to give you results beyond your expectations. Dream Agility clients have experienced amazing results with the enterprise services. At Google’s behest, Dream Agility has now created an easy to use, SaaS (Software as a Service) version of their multi-award-winning enterprise solution. The SaaS platform is the most advanced Google Shopping product on the market. With our easy sign up process you'll be up and running in no time.  

The secret sauce in our SaaS Google Shopping offering is the pre-determined set of machine learning reports - that you can't get in Google - and the double whammy of not only optimising bids, but optimising the zero converting words that Google can't show you.   Conversions are typically 3%, from our research, zero conversions (which Google doesn't optimise) are typically 10-30%, so to scale your sales you have to scale your waste - and lower your ROAS. By optimising both you'll grow your sales without growing the waste - why pay more?!

Please find below the pricing for our SaaS platform. Contracts for SaaS are 6 months and 3 months rolling thereafter.

Want to manage your spend more effectively?

If you've already got everything under control and simply want a tool to help manage your spend effectively while at the same time give your ROAS a quick boost then our Machine Leaning Audit tool is the perfect solution for you! You can learn about this exciting new product by clicking here.

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