Machine Learning E-Commerce and Lead Gen Solutions for Paid Search

If you're looking for sector beating results in Paid Search, whether you’re a retailer, an agency, or in the lead generation, click here for Lead Generation, we have a solution to suit your needs. Our services are risk free, and most are cost neutral, the free audit before you even sign will demonstrate what you can expect to gain and help you choose the right service for you. To whet your appetite here are our most recent results:

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We've effectively created the equivalent of Microsoft office, but for Paid Search. You can use our suite of tools together as a Managed Service, or separately as Self Service products to improve your underlying data and increase your revenues and ROAS, quickly. We can solve most problems for you by automating the bits humans cant reach to leave the people free to do the clever stuff. If you know what you're looking for you can view all the elements of our platform here. Or jump straight to the function you're looking for: Feed Optimisation, Bidding Tech, Visual AI to create a feed from Images, Negative Search tool MLoD to improve ROAS, Offline tracking solutions for retailers with large offline purchases or Lead Gen organisations, Self Service SaaS Shopping for retailers with budgets of less than £20k pm If, you're not sure what would be the best solution, please give us a call and we'd be happy to talk you through your options.

Spending £30K - £1m pm?

We can offer you a full managed service with all the elements of our platform for all round continuous improvement and great results. On top of transforming your feed into the Rolls Royce of feeds, it also includes creating the best structure possible for your campaigns, whilst always getting rid of the hidden avoidable costs in the account. Our Machine Learning and AI powered platform will give you the impression that you have an army of people working for you. It requires no integration, so you won't experience any loss of service. Our platform is compatible with any languages you advertise in, so your feeds and Adwords can be managed in any language. We currently serve Ads in 20 countries, our biggest feed is 3 million products, so we can handle pretty much anything you'd like to challenge us with.

OR if your underlying data, structures and tracking are good and you want full control, fast wins and all you're looking to do is improve ROAS and sales then Enterprise MLoD is where you should be looking.

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Spending upto £30kpm on Google?

If you're spending up to £20k per month and you want the equivalent of a team of people working on your account, but without the cost - then Self Service SaaS Shopping is the answer. We've built in 5 of the best machine learning reports (including MLoD) from our Managed service and an easy to use feed optimiser. Don't be fooled by the name, it works on all your Search and Shopping accounts. The platform works in any language so can optimise your overseas Google Ads with ease and accuracy, plus scale your sales without scaling your hidden costs.

OR if your you're happy with your current set up but you want to squeeze more out of your spend with an increase in ROAS there's a couple of options in MLoD, either "One off MLoD" a one off push for small accounts with a big build up of savings or "MLoD subcription" for a regular push for 6 months until the ROAS and revenues have been optimsed MLoD plans and pricing is where you should be looking.

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Are you an Agency?

Whether you want to improve client retention or to be able to sleep at night knowing you've removed the worst performing areas of the accounts, leaving the budgets to be better spent on the stuff that works , we have an MLoD solution that wont reduce spend, but will reduce the work you need to do in order to achieve ROAS targets by automating the removal of avoidable cost that can't be found with Negative Search Term and Keyword reports. At an unbelievable fixed price for upto 15 accounts. Contact us for details.

If you have high spend clients, or clients with multiple foreign accounts we have the Enterprise Version of MloD available, POA , contact us for details.

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