Value your sales leads as if they occurred online

Estate Agents
At the click of a button, Dream Agility's new Tracking Pixel gives lead generation websites, whose sales are offline, the same advantages as online-only retailers.

Thanks to the pervasiveness of etailers such as Amazon, Asos and, assigning credit to a marketing touchpoint has never been easier. Shoppers who purchase online naturally create opportunities to collate business insights which can be recycled to refine advertising strategies. However, for businesses that depend upon lead capture and the physical store, attribution remains a puzzle. Bricks-and-mortar conversions that began their journey online are notoriously difficult to track and measuring the effectiveness of an advertising campaign is fraught with inaccuracy.

The predicament of the high-street store was foreshadowed by US entrepreneur and philanthropist John Wanamaker (1838-1922):

"Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half."

Ironically, the biggest opportunities for brands and advertisers still live offline. In the UK, for instance, e-commerce's share of total retail sales is only 14.5% (2015) and forecast to increase to 19.3% by 2019. As such, connecting online and offline will bring unparalleled opportunities for retailers.

Imagine this scenario:

An estate agent spends x-pounds on advertising to encourage property vendors to use the house price calculator on their website and to fill out a form to express interest. Sales picks up this lead and, once the property has been sold as an offline transaction, a commission is generated, representing a business conversion value.

So far, so good, but…

How can the estate agent attribute this offline conversion?

Something is generating the sales, but what? Which keywords brought about the transaction? Which advert, with what content, and in what location was responsible? Should more, or less, money have been spent to sell that property?

Initial leads can, of course, be tracked. But how many are genuine, how many lead to a conversion and how many are generated by curious competitors?

Amidst all this uncertainty, making rational and profitable marketing decisions is extremely difficult.

Dream Agility’s Tracking Pixel is a new tool with an elegant, user-friendly interface that permits a retailer to record into AdWords the monetary value to an ultimately successful lead.

This value is then combined with business data held within Dream Agility’s award-winning ad tech platform that, having tracked each point of the user journey, ties everything together to provide precision intelligence to make commercial decisions based upon actual revenues and margins rather than lead numbers.

The Tracking Pixel is ideally suited to all lead generators whose sales conversions are executed offline: vehicle dealerships, travel agents, financial services, restaurants, charities, gyms and estate agents.

Previously undiscoverable data from a sophisticated seven-figure AdWords account of a leading estate agent was exposed by the simple website implementation of our Tracking Pixel. For example, 40% of the company's AdWords cost within the period of research had not produced a single sale! The full results may be read in the case study.

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