Lead AI

Bridging The Gap Between Search Terms, Leads And Actual Revenue​​

Want to build high performance, scalable Lead Generation pipelines or grow high value offline e-commerce sales? With our Lead AI you can join the dots between your Google, Bing and Facebook spend. Attribute sales values to keywords and search terms that make the phone ring and forms fill, then increase ROAS and accelerate the most profitable/high value/quickly converting sales  

The latest addition to our Lead AI features a service which immediately alerts your sales team when a potential customer has filled in your form completed with their telephone number. The salesperson gets an automated message telling them what the prospect enquiry is and asking if they’d like to connect directly to the prospect, letting them act in the moment when the prospect is red hot and instantly showing your organisation up in an attentive and organised light. This approach has proven to dramatically increase lead gen conversions.

After a successful call you enter the value of the conversion which is then passed back into the google ad that was clicked at the time. This gives you a greater insight into the buyer’s search term/keywords entered, Ads clicked on, Actual value of the final transaction allowing you to adjust the bid price for the ads in order to achieve maximum profitability. This results in greater, more meaningful commercial awareness when it comes to your ad spend.

The most powerful aspect for a marketer is the ability to measure what is driving actual sales. How much could you grow your sales or increase your ROAS, by removing the words/ads that do not work and hammering the ones that perform? We have slashed £300k per month spend in half whilst maintaining sales, once we had categorically identified what was not working. We have also taken modest Lead Generation spend with high value conversions and exponentially increased conversions

Are your High Value Offline e-commerce sales being fully optimised? Likelihood is that unless you are effectively tracking phone and form fills, the ads/keywords that cause the sales are not being attributed with the sales value and will be killed for under performance, adding insult to injury when these search terms and keywords should be optimised for higher sales.

We have clients that will spend $0.12 on a click once a year for a $20k sale, and have a multitude of similar high sales value clicks that would otherwise go unnoticed, or worse, killed – as the customer will always pick the phone up to make the purchase – then the link to the ad is lost. We are often told that offline sales make up a small proportion of sales, but we then discover are a significant proportion of sales values.

A Potential Customer Will Visit On Average, Whilst Researching

What normally happens when they make a web enquiry?

An email is sent to a centralised inbox and may not get picked up for hours or days if that person is on holiday or sick. It doesn’t go to someone who is available and able to call them immediately. The customer continues to make web enquires with competitors until them get the response they are after.

How To Improve Your Conversion Rates Up To 50%
With our Lead AI service you can put them off contacting your competitors by giving them an immediate response to their inquiry. By catching them psychologically at the perfect moment where they're most likely to agree to your response, you are putting yourself ahead of the competition and creating a favourable impression of your business.
How Can Our Lead AI Service Help?
Our Lead AI Service phones an available member of staff to immediately alert them that there has been an enquiry. It will also text the owner/manager to alert them too. This puts the respondent under pressure to engage the customer as quickly as possible. Lead AI creates a follow up log to trace the enquiry to completion/sale. On making the sale/deal it passes the value back to google so your ads can be optimised for the ones which perform best.