Roas and Sales booster​

“A fraction of the cost of a team of people, more reliable at delivering sustained results than any other tech in the market today, MLoD is your passport to client satisfaction, retention and lower costs.”  

MLoD is a cloud based tool which integrates with your paid search accounts to identify words that have never converted and predicts what will never convert.

Like peeling off the layers of an onion it continually diminishes bad performance, to leave only the best performing words. It fits neatly into your marketing stack and doesn’t interfere with your bid tech or any other processes. 

Tested on over $500m of spend

Tested on over $500m of spend before launch we identified that between 10-30% of spend in each account has never made a conversion.

Without the wasted AD spend being removed this will remain in the account delivering zero sales!

MLoD goes beyond the free tools, spreadsheets and basic scripts that fail to address the problem of improving relevancy, conversion rates, and ROAS in an efficient, automated and robust way. The flip side to this unbeatable tool is that it frees up more budget for you bid more aggressively on the 3% that does work, leaving your competitors in the unenviable position of having to bid hard on everything, as they don’t have the in-depth insights into the words that will never work or that will massively under perform.   

Made with Visme

MLoD provides the most powerful machine learning on demand conversion optimisation service. Unlike bid tech and Googles automation, which focuses on conversions and the 3% of spend that is working, MLoD focuses on the 97% of spend that hasn’t converted and predicts what will never work, this has a much bigger impact on improving sales and ROAS as a result. Use Bid Tech and MLoD together for even better results.

Why Use Dream Agility As A Trusted Partner

We make more API calls to Google than anyone else in Europe
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We’ve been running a 365 24/7 service for over 5 years serving ads in over 20 countries
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MLoD is Multi Lingual, if you don’t speak the language it doesn’t matter MloD will safely deal with the language barrier for you.
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Our free pre-audit ensures that only accounts that benefit from the service are put on it.
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All accounts start with a big bang, so there’s no waiting months to see if you’re going to get results.
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MloD optimises Google Shopping, Search and Display. Bing MloD is also available.
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