Case Study: Mozimo

Established Online Footwear Retailer Doubles Google Shopping Revenue And Conversion Rates

Dream Agility software was appointed by Andy Speake, Eccomerce Manager of Mozimo to work with their in-house team to enhance Google Shopping performance. The performance has been outstanding despite Mozimo being on Google Shopping for a number of years with a good baseline of performance

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About The Client

The In-house team is led by Andy Speake, a seasoned online marketer having previously worked at cutting edge online teams at JD Sports and The Hut. Mozimo has been successfully trading online for several years on both Amazon and Google, as well as in the UK and internationally, with significant exports. Mozimo has 3 High Street stores in the North West and a warehouse and offices for its online operations.


In appointing Dream Agility’s software to manage Google Shopping, Andy said “With a fast growing online business selling in several territories and channels such as Google and Amazon, we wanted to focus heavily on developing our product proposition and trading focus. The Winter retail period has seen a huge shift in consumer behaviour both online and offline, with the Black Friday / Manic Monday replacing Boxing Day as the peak shopping period. Footwear has been no different, with the peak Summer sales period becoming less predictable as major retailers seek to outsmart each other, some starting their sales early to drive volumes whilst others held off to maintain margins as long as possible. Combined with an increasingly diverse product mix being held by them, competitors are changing. We needed to be focused on the market and let Dream Agility focus on the latest changes in Google Shopping and driving ROI

What We Did

Using Dream Agility’s patent pending SaaS platform, the project team firstly set about dynamic optimisation of Mozimo’s existing Shopping feed using Dream Agility’s mapping solution,  utilising state of the art algorithms to optimise in line with industry best practices and the SEO tendencies of their consumer base. Best selling products and their characteristics were quickly identified using Dream Agility’s machine learning.

Dream Agility’s platform also offered  proprietary machine learning  reports, unavailable elsewhere, to give Mozimo a true competitive advantage and to achieve Mozimo’s stretch ROAS. Bid recommendations were calculated for individual Product IDs, locations, days of week and device level based on historical data contained within the account. Campaigns were restructured and segmented around key products and performance drivers at a granular level to give the highest level of visibility for ease of decision making and strategy formation going forward.