Feed Optimiser

Enhance Your Product Feed

The Feed Optimiser is the comprehensive AI driven tool for all feed-related options. Surpassing, and out-performing, human input, every time.

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A quality product feed is the foundation of e-commerce, but it isn't easy to get right. And whatsmore, when your feed is wrong it's not easy to spot.

As an advertiser, agency, or a retailer there is nothing more frustrating than your adverts not appearing - or appearing for irrelevant search terms, due to a badly optimised feed.

From feed generation through to importing, scheduling and optimising your existing feeds, it offers full feed integration and supports all major online marketplaces and Google territories.

Making AI do the work for you

The platform analyses search terms and underlying search patterns to continuously suggest content changes to the ads, maximising profitability and relevance. In doing this we can react to changing search trends, allowing us to capture synonyms, different phrases, etc, and implement them into the ad copies.

Ground breaking new benefits, for greater efficiency 

No spreadsheets to manipulate. No concealed surcharging by the feed company. No integration necessary. This tool offers a cost-effective solution, saving time, energy and with simple rules that run automatically. Powered by Machine Learning and AI that outperforms human input the Feed Optimiser does the work of dozens of people and increase the relevancy of the advertising so that it converts at a much higher rate.

If you are a fashion or footwear retailer you should take a look at our Visual AI which actually creates the underlying data from images prior to putting them live on your systems/website and removes the need and cost to have the data optimised again further upstream. It does the work, faster, more consistently and more accurately than humans. more info on visual AI here


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