Intelligent Tracking Solution

Closing the gap between leads and revenue

With maximum data accuracy, Our tracking solution allows you to specifically see what caused the phone to ring or form to fill out, revealing which campaigns influenced the sale

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Lead generation, engagement and activity are essential elements of business development, but the most powerful aspect for a marketer is the ability to measure what is driving actual sales. 

With ITS (Intelligent Tracking Solution) you can give future marketing activities greater impact as you’re given the knowledge of its actual worth thus taking the guesswork out of attributing phone calls/form fills to marketing spend.

Ideal for lead generation

Tying everything together, the platform provides precision intelligence which results in commercial decisions based upon actual revenues rather than lead numbers or arbitrary CPA figures. Not only does ITS suit lead generators who start online and whose sales conversions are executed offline, it can also be combined with our other ecommerce solutions for businesses with high value offline conversions.

Avoid wasteful spend, and focus on profit

Our Intelligent Tracking Solution gives you greater insight into the buyer’s search term/keywords entered, Ads clicked on, Actual value of the final transaction allowing you to adjust the bid price for the ads in order to achieve maximum profitability. This results in greater and more meaningful commercial awareness when it comes to your ad spend. 


An example in action

One of our clients, My Generator, Australia's premium online retailer for portable power products, has been using our tracking solutions for a couple of years and it has dramatically changed they way decisions are made about their Google Ads account. While prospect customers browse online, when it comes to the purchase of high value items, the purchase quite often happen offline. Being able to pinpoint which click converted offline and if it did has lead to performance increases year after year, so much so it has caught the attention of national media:

It also won us the Best Piad Search Campaign 2018 at The Drum Awards and even a mention in their online publication as one of the 5 campaigns you should revisit in 2019!

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