MLoD Negative Search Tool

The World's First Machine Learning on Demand Negative Search Tool

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All bid tech works on optimising conversions, the problem with this is that a website typically converts at only 3% which leaves a lot of search queries and keywords with insufficient data to optimise bids on -97% of spend to be precise. That's why we invented MLoD, the world's first Machine Learning on Demand tool which optimises the data in your account that your Bid Tech doesn't. As it only optimises zero conversions which are never likely to convert - it's the safest optimisation you can make! The ultimate CRO tool, it optimises right at the root, so the performance at the point you would normally do CRO is vastly enhanced.

Having looked at over $500m of Google Ad spend, our research showed that typically between 10-30% of spend in an account had never converted and, statistically speaking, never would. On trials with our customers we found that the results ranged from a 28% increase in sales at a 23% reduction in costs, to 1000% increase in ROAS at an 80% reduction in CPA. Results continue to improve month on month with continued use of the tech.

The great thing about MLoD is it works alongside your bid tech as a Yin to the bid tech Yang. Bid Tech and MLod are completely compatible as MLoD does not make any bid recommendations. MLoD uses the same attribution as your Bid Tech does and only all time data is used, making it the most comprehensive tool in the market. Seasonailty and out of stock items are also taken into consideration, if there has ever been a conversion in the life time of the account, that data is excluded. The click limit is calculated for your account and no recommendations will be made for anything that falls below the limit.


Whether you're an Agency, managing your own account, or have an Agency Managing your own account - there's an MLoD product for you.

Whether you're doing lead gen or product sales, you can use MLoD, so long as you're on Google with correctly working tracking.

MLoD is the safest optimisation you can do. It's only optimising words that have never, and likely will never, convert. It makes no bid optimisations so anyone can use it alongside your bid tech. We use it as part of our Enterprise and SaaS service, but now MLoD gives everyone the opportunity to scale their sales or leads without scaling the costs disproportionately. See the table below for a comparison of features

Low spend? the biggest wins are going to be in the first month, so a one off MLoD push would probably be your best option. Run your free audit to get the price you would pay for a one off push.

Medium spend and/or medium product range?MLoD Subscription is the option for you. It automatically does a monthly push on the least aggressive setting on your zero converting words. A minimum 6 months then a monthly rolling subscription, gives it plenty time to eradicate the worst of the bad performers from the account, leaving your spend to drive your sales. Run your free audit to get the price you would pay for the monthly MLoD subscription.

High spend and/or a large product range or multiple accounts? Enterprise MLoD is the one for you, not only do you get to continually remove the zero converting words (on a daily basis if you wish), you can push the tech more and more aggressively to maximise the savings on zero conversions. You can also strip out the sub performing ROAS terms to differing degrees of aggression. It's like peeling away the layers of an onion to get to the heart of the spend that really converts for you. Then when you scales your sales, there's no fear of you scaling the spend that doesn't convert. With the saved spend you can either bid more competitively or invest it in different type of ad or activity. Expect to see dramatic changes in your account with this safe, but powerful, tool at your fingertips.

Agency managing multiple accounts? see our agency MLoD options MLoD for Agencies

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MLoD Enterprise Price is £3k per month and excludes VAT, minimum 12month term applies

MLoD subscription is for a minimum of 6 months with 30 days rolling after that.

Get your free MLoD audit Here