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Scale your Google Ads sales without scaling your costs with our Self Service Google Shopping Tool


A self service Machine Learning based Google Shopping tool to; optimise feeds, make bidding recommendations and eliminate hidden waste, so you can scale your sales without scaling the costs

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If you're spending up to 20k per month and you want the equivalent of a team of people working on your account, but without the cost - then SaaS Shopping is the answer. For Agencies and Retailers alike, let the most advanced Machine Learning in the sector work on optimising your bids and your hidden waste to give you results beyond your expectations. Dream Agility clients have experienced amazing results with the enterprise services. At Google’s behest, Dream Agility has now created an easy to use, SaaS (Software as a Service) version of their multi-award-winning enterprise solution. The SaaS platform is the most advanced Google Shopping product on the market. With our easy sign up process you'll be up and running in no time.  

The secret sauce in our SaaS Google Shopping offering is the pre-determined set of machine learning reports - that you can't get in Google - and the double whammy of not only optimising bids, but optimising the zero converting words that Google can't show you.   Conversions are typically 3%, from our research, zero conversions (which Google doesn't optimise) are typically 10-30%, so to scale your sales you have to scale your waste - and lower your ROAS. By optimising both you'll grow you sales without growing the waste - why pay more?!

Our cutting-edge technology caught the attention of The Drum, winning us a Best Paid Search Campaign award in 2018 ahead of the biggest digital agencies in the country but also a mention in their online publication as one of the 5 campaigns you should revisit in 2019.

Not available anywhere else

All our software is proprietary, you can only get the benefits of SaaS from us .

Why choose SaaS over Google Smart Shopping?

  • Googles algorithm works on conversions only, it takes a considerable number of conversions before Google can even make a recommendation. 
  • Your name/brand terms are usually the highest converting words in the account, so Smart Shopping will optomise against those, probably taking traffic away from your SEO.  
  • Google doesn't identify or remove zero converting words from the account, Smart Shopping is a black box and you have no visibility of negatives. 
  • To scale your sales you have to scale the waste in your account, making your ROAS worse than it could be. 
  • Google is encouraging everyone to move to Smart Shopping, therefore there is no competitive advantage by using the same approach as all the other Google Advertisers. By using SaaS Shopping, you will not only have double the amount of Machine Learning working in your favour, you'll have improved Return on Ad spend (ROAS) to boot.

SaaS Pricing

Please find below the pricing for our SaaS platform. Contracts for SaaS are 6 months and 3 months rolling thereafter.

Please click here to learn more with our case study featuring Mozimo.

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