Product Excluder

The Product Excluder is part of our MLoD Suite a cloud based machine learning report which shows us all the products in your campaigns that aren’t performing. Choose from zero conversion products or sub ROAS performing products, depending on how you want to optimise your account. With virtually no optimisation tools available for Performance Max accounts, the Product Excluder gives you lots of options. This product is exclusive to us, you will not get this anywhere else.

Product excluder logo


What can you do with Products once they’re identified?

We may want to test the price, SEO the title further (which we can do in 60 seconds by clicking through to the Always On and editing it there), pull the product into a Traditional Shopping Campaign where we can control it better there with the good search term and bad search term data, or just exclude the product from the campaign altogether so the spend can be reallocated to better performing products and watch your ROAS rise!


Google Performance Max Product Excluder

On the Performance Max Product Excluder you don’t have access to the search terms, but can see how it’s performed, all time and last 30. Use zero conversions or sub ROAS to find products which are spending your budget but not performing. This report can be automated at the very highest confidence levels, where the tech can predict that the product has never converted and will never convert, and reviewed manually for price and title SEO optimisations on more aggressive reports.  You can choose to exclude products altogether or move them to a traditional Shopping Campaign for more control.


Traditional Shopping Product Excluder

Traditional Google Shopping Product excluder with Good and Bad Search terms to review.

The clients we have on Traditional Google Shopping have stayed on traditional Shopping as they have market dominant positions and total control over their spend, position  and negatives. Clients on Performance Max have hybrid accounts where we pull the products they need  to control, or under performing products into Traditional Shopping Campaigns, we not only get the product performance, but all the Good and Bad Search terms and performance of those, against the product.

How can you access the Product Excluder?

For clients on our managed service, we manage this report for them. In some cases it is possible to have this service as a stand alone self managed product, it won’t interfere with anything else in your marketing stack and can be run completely independently.

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