Tools For Agencies - Pricing


20 Accounts, 200k Monthly Ad Spend​
£ 500
Per Month
  • Lead Gen AI
    Track form fills and pass conversion values back to the referring source.
  • Feed Optimisation
    Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Instagram
  • MLod
    Machine Learning Conversion Optimisation Tool (1-8)
  • Bidding Genius
    machine learning bidding tool
  • Always On
    interrogate your shopping feeds and make real time changes
  • Supported Initial onboarding session


50 Accounts, 400k Monthly Ad Spend​
£ 950
Per Month
  • All Pro Services, plus
  • Lead Gen AI
    Form to text, CRM for follow ups. increase lead conversion by 50%
  • Automated MLoD
    In addition to the manual reports, run MLoD daily on your accounts
  • Email Support


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  • All Pro+ services, plus
  • Visual AI
    Feed Enhancement with product attributes
  • Dynamic feed optimiser
    managed service
  • MLoD+
    The most advanced level of MLoD (1-15)
  • Outsourced managed service
    (If required)
  • support via account manager