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Dream Agility Founder: “unlike Our Rivals, We’ll Always Offer Telephone Support.”


Dream Agility co-founder Glyn Powditch has reaffirmed the company’s commitment to telephone support for all customers and future customers, whatever their issue or query for their main platform.

Dream Agility’s platform is revolutionising online advertising campaigns for a growing number of businesses across the UK, driving better sales and lower ad spend through a combination of complex mathematics and unique algorithms.

And Powditch insists that telephone support will always be a core component of Dream Agility’s business, meaning clients can quickly access help and advice on a range of issues.

Powditch said: “Our platform is an incredible piece of technology, but we know that retailers often need support beyond the fantastic software, especially for those pushing the limits of feed optimisation. They don’t just want a passive feed left to run.

“With our biggest competitors, you can’t even ring them. You have to go to their website and submit a ticket and you often find yourself submitting a second ticket to chase the first one! There’s nobody you can call at all and no feedback mechanisms, even if it’s something major like their systems being regularly down.

“I think we’re the only platform that will actually answer customer queries and technical queries by phone, and that’s something we’re extremely proud of.

“Even with sales queries, most of our rivals ask you to say on their website how much you’re spending, what sector you’re in, and can you call me back. We don’t think that’s good enough.”

He added: “Our commitment to customer service is unquestionable, so people joining with us know they’re getting even more than increased conversions and reduced costs; they’re getting access to a team of experts that can quickly provide personal and strategic support, whatever the issue.”