PMax Co-Pilot: Transform Your Google PMax Campaigns

Experience unparalleled growth and efficiency with PMax Co-Pilot –
the ultimate tool for intelligent, effective, and trustworthy automation

Scaling PMax has always been challenging. Traditional methods either require waiting for an account to indicate more budget or dropping your ROAS, which doesn’t guarantee returns – just higher spending. PMax Co-Pilot optimises this process by improving conversions and conversion rates, providing Google with the critical data its machine learning needs to maximise your return.

Introducing the PMax Co-Pilot – the only technology that meticulously analyses the performance of every single product. It reallocates budget from underperforming products to those delivering the best results or needing more investment. This unique approach not only boosts your conversions but also enhances conversion rates, ROAS, and overall sales.

PMax Co-Pilot for In-House Teams

The PMax Co-Pilot is the ultimate solution for in-house teams managing Google PMax and Microsoft Ads. This safe, reliable, low-effort tool delivers instant impact and lasting results with minimal integration. Run it effortlessly in the background to boost conversion rates and ROAS while you focus on strategy, or deploy it more aggressively for significant increases in performance.

No other solution offers this level of visibility and control over your product performance. Seamlessly integrating with your existing martech stack, the PMax Co-Pilot allows you to be as hands-on or hands-off as you choose. Ideal for accounts with over 10k child-level SKUs or £30k in ad spend, this is the tool your team has been waiting for.

How can you access PMax Co-Pilot?

For clients on our managed service, we manage this report for them. For in house teams this is available as part of our PMax Tools for In-House Teams Package. 

See what PMax Co Pilot Results look like on your account with a no obligation free audit.