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Lead Generation Managed Service

Whether you’re in Financial Services, Property, Fitness, or any other lead generation activity, building a scalable funnel is challenging, but it can be a lot easier and more cost-effective using our Lead AI. ( Managed Lead Generation Service )



Our clients got an average 48% increase in sales, with a 42% increase in ROAS last year, the year before it was 38% increase in sales and 49% increase in ROAS.


Increase in ROAS


Decrease in CPC


Increase in Sales


Increase in Clicks

Cost Per Lead vs Actual Customer Conversion Value

Don’t make the same mistake as everyone else in your sector and optimise your leads against form fills. Not every form fill converts, in fact a lot won’t. To scale your sales based on form fills is to scale failure, demoralise your sales teams with leads that won’t convert and keep advertising costs artificially high. Our solution scales based on actual customer sales, not form fills, even if you’re doing lead gen for a third party.

The whole ball game in Lead Generation changes using real sales figures, the form fills that don’t convert are removed from the pipeline, more of the ‘good’ leads are sought, and we can bid more aggressively on the winning search terms/demographics. Your sales team are more motivated with better quality leads and higher conversion rates. Even on long sales cycle we can pass the sales data back to  the referring source to ensure you get the best ROI. The only loser is your competition who are still bidding for form fills.

What Technology Is Involved in our managed lead generation service?

Our tech can fit around your existing stack, e.g. if you’re on Google Search 360 or ATB, it can even make Performance Max campaigns go beyond the bounds of where clients thought possible. And if you’re on a traditional Google Shopping campaign, you’ll soon appreciate why our average length of client engagements is 3.9 years. Our tech delivers impressive Sales and ROAS uplift year on year. We’ve taken clients from a 5-figure-a-month turn over to a 7-figure-a-month turnover, and even to floatation. If you’re looking for serious results, try before you buy and we’ll give you a free google shopping paid search audit which will identify all the potential in the account.

Machine Learning Paid Search Tool (MLoD)


Machine learning tool that integrates with your paid search account and identifies the words that have never converted and predicts the words that will never convert

Bidding Tech Tool - Bidding Genius

Bidding Genius

The most advanced bidding tech powered by machine learning. Recommend bidding changes across multiple Google Ads dimensions at the touch of a button.

Lead Generation Tool (Lead AI

Tracking Pixel

Track and identify which Ads are influencing your form fills and let your sales team catch the leads whilst they are hot with our automated alerts.

Lead Generation FAQ

How does Lead AI Work?

Our tracking pixel passes back the details required to add the sales value to the source advertisement. This enables you to see, not only the ad but the keywords/search terms which have converted and conversely, the ones which have not. Our cloud-based software, Lead AI’s interface, shows you the URL the lead came in on and the source (direct, Facebook, Google etc). It can also track callbacks and it displays converted leads. Then our Managed Paid Search service ensures that every piece of data is acted upon to give you the highest possible performance funnel, with the best quality leads.

What does Lead AI Track?

Our Lead AI tracks customer form fills and phone calls from your website. EVERY customer is cookied regardless if they came in direct or on a ad. If a customer converts to a sale beyond the 90 days attribution window in Google, the sale can still be passed back as a conversion.