Dream Agility Product Suite

Managed Paid Search For Ecommerce Clients

We arguably have the most advanced Google Shopping Technology stack in the world, if you aren’t getting it from us or an approved partner, then you won’t be getting the record breaking results that it delivers. We use our suite of proprietary tools when managing your paid search accounts. They were designed and built here in the UK, not available from anywhere else, which will give you a unique competitive advantages when it comes to Google Shopping and Search, Microsft Ads, Facebook and Instagram paid social

What Technology Is Involved?

Our tech can fit around your existing stack, e.g. if you’re on Google Search 360 or ATB, it can even make Google Performance Max campaigns go beyond the bounds of where clients thought possible. And if you’re on a traditional Google Shopping campaign, you’ll soon appreciate why our average length of client engagements is 3.9 years. Our technology delivers impressive Sales and ROAS uplift year on year. We’ve taken clients from a 5 figure a month turn over to a 7 figure a month turnover, and even to floatation. If you’re looking for serious results, try before you buy and we’ll give you an audit that will identify all the potential wasted ad spend in the account.

Machine Learning Paid Search Tool (MLoD)


Machine learning tool that integrates with your paid search account and identifies the words that have never converted and predicts the words that will never convert

Bidding Tech Tool - Bidding Genius

Bidding Genius

The most advanced bidding tech powered by machine learning. Recommend bidding changes across multiple Google Ads dimensions at the touch of a button.

Visual AI

Visual AI Suite

Create feature rich attributes, titles, and descriptions at ease. Upload your feed with your image URLS and our Visual AI will do the rest.

Lead Generation Tool (Lead AI

Lead AI

Track and identify which Ads are influencing your form fills and let your sales team catch the leads whilst they are hot with our automated alerts.

Feed optimisation Tool

Feed Optimiser

The Feed Optimiser is the port of call for all feed-related options on the Dream Agility platform. From feed generation through to importing, scheduling and optimising your existing feed

Always on

Always On

Interrogate all the fields in your google feed from titles, product IDs to custom labels and price. Make real time changes in merchant centre and add a second layer of optimisation at a product level.

Structure Builder

Structure builder

Our structure builder ensures the best structure of your data to get relevant products to show for searches to give visibility of good and poorly performing products. 

Product Excluder

Product Excluder

Interrogate all the fields in your google feed from titles, product IDs to custom labels and price. Make real time changes in merchant centre and add a second layer of optimisation at a product level

One of the key differences between us and our competitors, is that we own your Google Shopping journey from beginning to end.

From the feed optimisations, to keeping Merchant Centre healthy with the maximum numbers of products live possible and minimal threat to being taken offline by a nasty surprise in your feed. Combine that with structures and bid tech to fit every strategy, and conversion rate optimistion tools (MLoD) that will leave your competitors wincing trying to keep pace with your bidding strategies, powered by the most advanced Machine Learning.



Our clients got an average 48% increase in sales, with a 42% increase in ROAS last year, the year before it was 38% increase in sales and 49% increase in ROAS.


Increase in ROAS


Decrease in CPC


Increase in Sales


Increase in Clicks

The key benefits of using our product suite

Low risk, high performance solution to account optimisation

Getting your product data well optimised, good structures and aggressive wasted adspend management are the lowest risk, but highest yielding activities you can do on an account. Optimising these factors delivers much higher sales/ROAS than just optimising against conversions ( which typically accounts for only 3% of spend)

Make life harder for your clients competition

By continually removing wasted spend, having a well-designed structure and higher converting titles and descriptions, leaves us in a position to bid aggressively only where it works. Your competitors don’t have our tools and will be using the industry standard Google Shopping offering. For them to keep pace, they’ll have to bid aggressively on everything, or if they’re on Performance Max, they’ll have no control at all.

Manage more clients with less headcount

Our award wininng Machine learning and Visual AI are not available anywhere else, if you’re just using Google Search 360 and ATB you’re compromising on improving your performance to enable Google's Machine Learning to work. You can still continue to use these, but our tools will enhance your performance much further

Year on Year Growth

The average tenure of our clients is 3.9 years, you don’t just get an uplift when you start, our continuous improvement approach ensures that, on average,  our clients get double digit sales and ROAS improvement year on year.

Quick Wins

We’ve looked at over $500m of ad spend and discovered most accounts have 10-30% of spend which has never, and will never, convert. Removing this gives you a quick win on sales and ROAS. Plus it opens the account up to more new search queries. Our comprehensive Google Shopping feed audit ensures we only work with clients who will benefit long-term from our services.

Capture offline sales

Don’t miss the opportunity to capture all your sales and optimise for more of those high-value offline conversions. Conversely, avoid killing keywords/ads that have delivered sales but have no conversion values against them.

Would You like To Double Your Revenue whilst only marginally increasing your spend?

Our free, self service Google Shopping feed audit will demonstrate what you can expect to gain before you sign and help you choose the right service for you.