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Gardening Industry Recognises Dream Agility


The gardening and hardware industry has recognised Dream Agility’s expertise by asking the Google Shopping specialists to contribute to the prestigious Garden and Hardware Yearbook 2017.

Earlier this year Dream Agility published a ground breaking report that highlighted the gardening industry’s failure to maximise online advertising.

The report generated headlines across the country and was featured in Horticulture WeekThe Happy GardenersGarden Centre Retail, and Insight DIY.

And it prompted Media One Communications, the Peterborough-based publishers of the Garden and Hardware Yearbook 2017, to ask Dream Agility “to explore the importance of effective online advertising and how this translates to increased profits” in this year’s industry bible.

Dream Agility chief executive Elizabeth Clark said: “Earlier this year our research made waves in the gardening sector by showing how most retailers were still missing out on enormous opportunities due to poorly-performing online advertising.

“It’s painful to see retailers throwing away so much money on Google Shopping campaigns that haven’t been properly optimised. We know from experience the scale of the lost revenue most retailers are missing out on, so it’s fantastic to have been asked to give some advice in this year’s Garden and Hardware Yearbook.”

Dream Agility’s links with the gardening industry increased earlier this year with a significant deal to work with Quality Garden Supplies and boost their Google Shopping campaigns.

Quality Garden Supplies managing director Ben Jackson said: “Dream Agility’s platform was a completely different proposition to agencies coming in and saying they can manage campaigns purely through Excel – the level of data Dream Agility can produce just doesn’t compare.

“We’ve not seen anyone who can dynamically optimise a feed, rather than simply mapping one, in a similar way to Dream Agility.”

The Garden and Hardware Yearbook is distributed to all major garden and hardware stores in the UK and has a five-figure readership of industry professionals. The 2017 edition was published this week.