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Google Expanded Text Ads Tool – Deadline Approaching


Google’s announcement last year of their intention to move from traditional text ads to expanded text ads is about to be realised with the deadline of January 31st 2017 looming.

The purpose behind the new style is the new ads is to maximize presence and performance with a bigger headline and an extra-long description with the added benefit of being able to include dynamic information such as pricing. And let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want extended ads with dynamic pricing in?!

Knowing in July 2016, when the first announcement came, that Google’s traditional text ads were a ticking time bomb, many of the digital community have been scrambling for solutions to help rescue their ads from certain doom.

Google’s original deadline of October 26th was extended to January 31st 2017 largely to try and give businesses as much time as possible to test and iterate their expanded text ads. After January 31st, existing standard text ads will continue to run with expanded text ads, but advertisers will no longer be able to create or edit any of their existing standard text ads.

We’d never start a story unless it had a happy ending and as always, we are delivering you the happiest of endings … well, as far as expanded text ads are concerned!

At Dream Agility, we recently built a tool that allows up to put out 30000 Search Ads in just 25 minutes. The Search Ads contain price and other relevant attributes (e.g. gender, size, colour, flavour, etc) to the specific products advertised and these attributes are updated whenever the feed is.


The long tail is a vital part of the Google marketing mix, the hardest to crack accurately, and often completely overlooked as it’s difficult to achieve cost effectively and equally hard to maintain. The sad truth is that feeds are the most powerful source of data retailers have and unfortunately, most feed providers do little more than integrate and map data from one market place to another.


Google, with their Shopping product, have already shown us that the modern Search Ad for retail requires up to date pricing, the ability to remove ads when out of stock and relaunch them when they come back in. One competitor solution that attempted to provide these features in text ads actually deletes the Ad Group every time the product goes out of stock, effectively losing all the historic data collected! Not the ideal scenario at all!


Firstly, here at Dream Agility, we don’t map feeds, we dynamically optimise them with our patent pending optimiser. We also don’t delete your ads when products go out of stock, we simply prevent the ad from serving if there is no inventory available for that product.

Obviously different retailers require different attributes. Some may not wish to serve prices but instead flavours, sizes, colours or a combination of each dependent upon the situation. Again, there is no problem as our product allows us to build these campaigns and ad groups out closely working with the client or agency.

By building out ‘0000s of long tail specific search ads, the ability to increase relevancy of ads and click-through rates rockets CTR – exactly what Google intended on this change being able to accomplish.


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