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What A Year: Made In Bury Business Awards 2017


Now in its 5th year, the Made in Bury Business awards are big fixture in the region of Bury’s calendar. For newcomers to the occasion, such as Dream Agility, the evening was delivered with a confidence that showed how well established it had become.

On arrival one was greeted by an array of glitz: glasses of prosecco, well dressed ladies and gentlemen, photography, and informal entertainment – such as a magician.

With a nomination for Businesswoman of the year, this was the latest in an end of year flurry for Dream Agility. Unlike other awards, however, this represented personal recognition for CEO Elizabeth Clark. Its ‘regional’ significance also gave it added meaning.

Over the past 12 months Elizabeth has been a passionate, and very vocal, advocate for Business and innovation in Bury. As head of a fast-growing Machine Learning and AI company, she has used her profile to forge stronger relationships between the business community and the education establishments. Be that through visiting schools, her active work on the Bury Leadership Group, participating in the Mayor, Andy Burnham’s, Digital Agenda for the region, speaking at collaboration seminars with the University of Manchester, or mentoring with Manchester Tech Trust and Tech Manchester.

She is passionate about her local community.

The Dream Agility office is located in the heart of Ramsbottom. It has grown to 14 employees now, and shows no signs of slowing down. Elizabeth intends to stay and, therefore, continues to reject the pressure to move to Manchester. She even goes to some length to rebrand the area as ‘Silicon Rammy’ as often as possible. One day this will hopefully stick.

It was fitting that the evening would display such a vibrant, energetic, and optimistic tone as Bury has the highest rate of start-up companies than any other area in Greater Manchester.

The night was ideally timed in the run up to Christmas, and was a fitting tribute to all of the hardworking, innovative and successful businesses in the Greater Manchester town.

Elizabeth’s win was the perfect culmination of a year that saw her company reach a plethora of landmarks. 2017 saw the AdTech company win awards in Manchester, South Korea, become one of the fastest growing agencies in Australia, and receive credit for innovation/collaboration. It’s encouraging to see the reward for hard work and creativity.

The Made in Bury Business Award recognition gives the Rammy-based company the pride and confidence to continue building on this success well into 2018 and beyond.

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