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Woodhey Pupils Graduate from Mentorship programme

Director and ex pupil, Lucy Clark, has been paying it forward with a group of Year 9 pupils from Woodhey, in conjunction with the Salford Foundation on their ‘inspired to aspire’ mentoring scheme. Having mentored the group of a period of weeks they had a visit to the office to complete the course and to hear the stories behind the team at Dream Agility and to see what life in the tech industry is like. She even managed to inspire a couple of them to look into software apprenticeships, which is a great result and exactly the result we were hoping for. “It was strange going back into school to start with and I got a couple of double takes from the teachers, but working with the pupils has been amazing. The mentoring programme was really well structured and easy to deliver. I got as much out of it as the kids did” said Lucy Clark.