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Elizabeth Clark, CEO Dream Agility features on Insider Online Forum

Business leaders from across the region who have navigated their operations through the toughest of times have shed light on their experiences at an Insider online forum. Viewers heard from business leaders who had successfully taken their companies from the toughest times to make them a success once again.

Elizabeth Clark, Chief Executive of Dream Agility, had to buy her Google Shopping Technology Platform out of administration after Google ‘pulled the rug from under her in a move by them to get round EU sanctions’. She has since brought the company back to good health.

Kate Hulley, managing director of Belmont Packaging, bought the family business started by her father out of administration. She explained how she was able to bring it back to good health.

Viewers also heard from Andy Park, managing director of Hurstwood Holdings – a successful property company but one that faced tough times during the recession of 2008.

There was also professional advice from lawyers Napthens and turnaround specialists Leonard Curtis, who advised business leaders on the legalities and practicalities of rescue and recovery.

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