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Barclays Lifeskills event

Last week Lucy had the pleasure of attending the Barclays Lifeskills event. Amongst other business leaders she was ready to give her insight into the world of work. The event was to celebrate the end of interactive workshops designed to develop employability skills and build connections for high school children. In attendance were 40 children from various schools in Bury who had participated in the workshop. The day comprised of mock interviews, a panel discussion, and a keynote speech from Lucy. The speech gave the children background to Lucy’s journey in her career, insight into the future of business growth and career opportunities plus key tips for making success of further education and career decisions. She explained that the children are a generation that embraces technological change, and they should use it to their advantage. Companies are driving for innovative change and looking for people to support the movement, which will be second nature to those who have grown up in an era of such rapid advances in technology. She also expressed that employers are not only looking for experience but they require employability skills and achieving those skills starts in school, so by the time they are job hunting they can do them with confidence. This is a topic that isn’t taught in school but is so crucial to success, making workshops and events like these all the more important.