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BBC Radio 5 Live Wake Up to Money

My intro on 5 live #wakeuptomoney today was “CEO and mother of Ted”, after the infamous discussion about Ted and his Forex activities on Roblox and other virtual currencies, the last time I was on. Today with Felicity Hannah we were talking #chatgpt. If you’ve not had a chance to go on it yet the best time to try is early morning before the Americans get up. Ted was thinking about using it for his RE homework but was worried he would be caught cheating. It’s RE and he’s 10, like anyone cares! I like some of the functionality of it, it’s not as brilliant in some areas as we were lead to believe, but Googles Bard still hasn’t landed after it’s disastrous demo and it’s all gone a bit quiet on what to expect next. There is talk about monetising it in Teams, to take minutes and  highlight topics in conversation, but with great products like Otter.ai on the market it would have to be good to get me to swap. You can catch up on the programme in the link. Ted has enjoyed his name check but has moved onto Grinding to help get his friend up to level 50 before America gets on the servers. I didn’t like to ask, but I’m sure it’s not the kind of grinding that took over from the grinding I knew as a child (the DIY kind).