Our CEO Elizabeth Clark joins Sean Farrington in the BBC studio and discusses how Rishi Sunak will fair with President Biden in proposing that the UK will be the world’s regulator on AI development. The UK has been left out in the cold with the EU’s move to propose a regulatory framework on AI, pushing themselves into a leading role globally. In order for the UK to assert its ambition of being the next Silicon Valley, Rishi Sunak is using his first official engagement in the US as Prime Minister to propose to the UK takes the role of leading worldwide framework’s on AI.  Whilst not a Remainer, even Elizabeth thinks that the proposed framework by the EU looks reasonable, so why try and reinvent the wheel? At Dream Agility our AI is low risk, it won’t invent anything that impinges on anyone else’s IP and there’s no Limited / High or Unacceptable risk. In fact, most of the AI being developed falls into the same category of development as Dream Agility’s, so why all the drama? Some of the established bigger AI firms (who have already developed their AI) are asking for development to be stopped due to the existential risk to humans. This will certainly stop their competitors in their track, but anyone who is determined to do bad things with AI will be unlikely to be deterred. Do most businesses need to worry about this? You could refer to the UK’s Pro innovation approach to AI regulation, all 91 confusing pages of it – if you last that long. Or you could refer to the EU’s one page regulatory framework proposal on AI which lays out the risk clearly and concisely. The vast majority of companies developing AI will not fall into the High or Unacceptable risk categories. In Elizabeth’s opinion, the EU wins on the regulatory framework front, and Rishi stands a snowball in hell’s chance of persuading Biden to endorse us as the worlds gate keeper of AI regulation.

Listen to the programme here.