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Dream Agility Wins Best Health Campaign

When we first got an enquiry in from an ex client, who had recently commenced with one of the US’s largest nuclear medicine companies, we weren’t sure what to make of it. The brief was to basically find a needle in a US haystack. But she had every confidence, having worked with us for years in the past, that if anyone could do it, we could.

We turned our tech on it’s head and instead of scaling, we were looking for pin point accuracy to find just a few dozen children dying of cancer for a trial. It’s a terrible cancer and they’re normally passed by the time they’re 5. There’s only 800 kids a year get this cancer in the US and we were looking for the ones who couldn’t be treated or who had failed treatment. It was a tall order but we did it….far far cheaper than a traditional health campaign would.

This opens the doors for viable cures for conditions which only affect a tiny number of people but whom it would’ve been impossible to recruit cost effectively onto a trial before our approach. Very proud of our team for being a part of it.